Consign with Nömad

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Swing in the store
with your TOP FIVE items.
We are slowing down on clothing items as we transition to fall. Please save your fall items for late September.
We are  happy to consign your home decor and furniture. 
Email photos of larger things.

Consign clothing with NöMAD


Drop in during business hours with up to five of your best pieces.

If you have more than five pieces, or if you’d like to come in outside of business hours, please make an appointment.


Tips for consigning clothing:

  • Launder your items before bringing them in. Avoid strong-smelling detergents and softeners.

  • Like-new, on-trend items and “true” vintage sell quickly.

  • Be sure to check your pockets!

  • Make sure all zippers work and buttons are secure. 

  • “De-pill” your sweaters with a shaving razor or a sweater mower.

  • Please bring items in on hangers or nicely folded in a basket.


* Unaccepted items must be picked up the same day, or feel free to check the “please donate” box on your form.


NöMAD does not accept:

  • Unwashed items or those that are overly stained, altered or shrunken

  • Maternity or children’s clothing

  • Business clothing (dress pants & dress shirts)


If we do not accept your items, please don’t take offense;

it isn’t personal.


Consign furniture with NöMAD


Ready-To-Sell Furniture - 50/50 commission

These are well-made pieces with little to no wear or damage. 


Project furniture - 25/75 commission

These are well-made pieces that just need a little love, are out of date or are just plain ugly.

Perhaps the drawers are a bit wiggly, or there are watermarks or excessive scratches. Maybe it's finished in a heavy, dark wood and needs a creative touch.

Let us take a look and see if we can upcycle your piece into something fabulous.


Consider signing up for a CREATE with NöMAD where you can learn how to upcycle your own pieces!

  • Our general rule of thumb is that if you can pick it up by yourself, you are welcome to bring it by during our normal business hours. 

  • Larger pieces requiring two or more people will require an appointment.

  • Need help moving a big piece? No problem, we are happy to refer a local moving company to help you get it to the store.


Tips for consigning Furniture:

  • Clean your pieces thoroughly before bringing them in. Pull out drawers and vacuum out your dust bunnies. You’d be surprised what we’ve found in people’s furniture!

  • Spot clean and vacuum fabric making sure to clean out the french fries and quarters from the cracks.

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Vend with Nömad

Be a Vendor with NöMAD


Pop Up on our rotating list of Creators:

Highway 3 is a busy road, so NöMAD is the perfect place to pitch your tent and show off what you’ve got right here in Durango. Whether you are a local looking for a regular venue or a rubber tramp laying over for a few days, we’d love to have you.

  • 10X10 space - FREE  *please provide your own shade and tables as needed

  • Trailers and larger options available - prices negotiable


Host a class in our studio space:

Ultimately, we are a collective of creative spirits and would love to provide a place for you to share your skills. 

Rent out our 16' X 18' studio space and charge your clients what you’d like.

*water is not available in the studio, but you are welcome to use our utility room at the other end of the store.

  • $20/hour or $100/12 hour time period of your choice

  • Please see our list of requirements for set up, clean up, and insurance