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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Dial of DialedIn Studios loves refreshing old furniture and home décor. She’s a self-taught decorative furniture painter who also loves photography and creating greeting cards with her images. The desert Southwest feels like home and those colors and aesthetics are often found in her work. 

Stephanie has lived in Durango more than 40 years and taken the “scenic route” through raising three children who became her best friends, finding her professional homes in journalism and healthcare chaplaincy, and leaning on friends and neighbors who have been her North Star.

Having recently retired, Stephanie is moving through life at a leisurely pace, with time for reflection and growth as new landscapes roll by. She loves to wander, but as J.R.R. Tolkien famously noted, is not lost. She loves all things beautiful and excellent and layered and the life of the soul knowing that, as Rabbi Naomi Levy wrote, one doesn’t have to journey far to discover its gifts. 

She’s delighted to have studio time at NöMAD and to place her work there. And she hopes to see you when you stop by this creative and welcoming place.

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